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A lot can happen on an ordinary day. Every single day everything and anything that can happen in a person’s life happens. A baby is born, an old man dies, a couple split, two soul mates meet each other, weddings, funerals, promotion, devastation: at some stage in our lives many of these things will happen or have happened and it makes you wonder… do you really remember all those moments that meant so much to you at the time? Do you look back with regret or with peace of mind knowing that above all else you seized the time you had and not for a moment had you wasted it. The endless possibilities within our lives make us each, totally unique and at the same time wholly the same. Every dream must never be allowed to die. And only in these precious moments can we truly be happy and alive.

Moments Demos

Moments is a new song cycle based on an idea by Benjamin Stratton. He has written the lyrics and Monica Sik Holm has composed the music. The song cycle was supposed to have it’s premiere at The York New Musical Theatre Festival in july but due to the festival being cancelled it is still waiting for it’s first work shop production. However, the show has exiting plans ahead, so stay tuned for the latest news!

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