Rockefroskene og den magiske gitar (The Rock Frogs and the magical guitar)

Posted on Jun 21, 2013 | 1 comment

I have spent the past three weeks in Norway working on a number of projects, but mainly rehearsing for the new production of The Rock Frogs, and today we finally opened! We’ve had a couple of great rehearsal weeks and I thought I’d share some pictures from the process with you, before the review from the show is revealed tomorrow! And if you are in Norway, near Hønefoss this weekend or next; find your way down to the docks by the river and rock on with us!

Read Through!

Posing for the opening number!

The Tadpoles rehearsing!

Dress Rehearsal! 

The New cast members in The Rock Frogs Crew!

 The Rock Frogs warming up for Norwegian Artis Marion Ravn!


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