Bucuresti The Musical

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Bucuresti The Musical

More information about this show including pictures and latest updates can be found on www.bucurestithemusical.com

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Bucuresti The Musical is Monica’s first musical, and she has composed the music and written the book and the lyrics. Bucuresti was first presented in Norway in April 2007,  earning £8000 for the street children in Bucharest. After that, the show has been produced in two theaters in Norway, as well as adapted to English and presented in the UK for the first time in March 2011, with over 80 people involved.

Monica started to work on the show when she was only 13, and finished it in 2006, aged 17. It is based on true stories from the street children in Romania.

Bucuresti The Musical has previously been produced as a charity performance in three different theaters in Norway with huge success and excellent reviews. The musical managed to raise £10 000 for the charity organization Europe in Focus and the street children in Romania. Bucuresti The Musical also won eight Norwegian awards from organizations that are known for their humanitarian work around Europe. Names of the awards are listed below:

  • Lions National Youth Award from Lions Norway. 2008
  • Charity award from Lions county 104g, 2008
  • Youth Award from Lions, Hole, Norway, 2008
  • Youth Award from Lions, Ringerike, Norway, 2008
  • “Celledelingsstipendet”, scholarship from Ringerike Bank/The Culture society, 2007
  • The Dream Scholarship from the Norwegian National lottery/Norwegian National Council of Culture, 2007
  • The Youth Culture Prize, Hole, Norway, 2007


The year is 1994. Sisters Tania and Nina escape poverty-stricken rural Romania and an alcoholic mother to seek a better life in Bucharest. But the capital is not the utopia they thought it would be and any dreams of happiness are soon shattered by the blows of urban deprivation that rain down on them. Living with other street children and fighting against hunger and cold – and the temptation to escape their misery through drugs – the sisters manage to keep an ember of hope burning.

The story is currently being edited and the book and lyrics are being adapted by Benjamin Watts.

Bucuresti The Musical Cast Recording is planned in autumn 2011, with release in january 2012.

Please visit www.bucurestithemusical.com for more information.

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