Angel Dust

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Angel Dust

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“Angel Dust” is Monica’s second musical. It was first presented in a work shop/concert version in The Contemporary Urban Centre in Liverpool in May 2010.

It is based on a true story from an underground/drug society in Oslo, Norway, and is telling the story about how things can turn out if you step wrong just once in your life.

“Angeldust” is written to make you stop for a while, think about where you are in life, what you have and how fast things can change and leave you with no choices.

It tells the story about “Chris”, a boy around 18 years old. Chris is a talented dancer, but one day he decides to give up his dancecareer. Chris and his mother start to argue a lot, and in anger Chris’ runs away from home and decides to stay at his friends’ place for a while. Suddenly he gets into the wrong society and drugs becomes the most important part of his everyday. Together with his friend, “Jim”, he spends his days thinking about the past and the future, and what’s coming next. One day Chris is out of money for drugs and decides to steal a lot of money from where he works. From this day everything changes…

The storyline in “Angel Dust” is retrospective, and most of the time Chris himself tells his story to his girlfriend “Millie”; the story about himself and Jim – who is in and out of rehabilitation, about Jim’s girlfriend “Lynette” – who suddenly gets pregnant, how things used to be, and how things suddenly changes when he starts to dig in the past.

A Norwegian version of the show is planned in Oslo summer 2011









Friends of Chris and Jim



People at the funeral


1. The voices within me – CHRIS & ENSEMBLE

2. Opening: The voices within me – INSTRUMENTAL

3. Angeldust – ENSEMBLE

4. My mother’s eyes – CHRIS & JIM

5. It doesn’t matter at all – LYNETTE

6. 29 frogs (and your prince will come) – MILLIE & ENSEMBLE

7. Storybook – CHRIS & MILLIE

8. The corridors of love – LYNETTE & JIM

9. Silence – MILLIE

10. Life, Good Bye – JIM & ENSEMBLE


12. Hallelujah, mom – CHRIS & ENSEMBLE

13. The truth in your hands – LYNETTE & ENSEMBLE

14. There are so many ways travellin’ to heaven – LILY & ENSEMBLE


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