Recent Winner of Sparebank1′s Talent Scholarship 2016! 


FINALIST! Craig Barbour Awards for Composition 2012!

BORN: 24.11.1988


LANGUAGES: Norwegian, English

VOICE: Soprano (‘F – D”’) Belter (‘F – Ab”)

HEIGHT: 156 centimeters/5,1”

HAIR COLOUR/STYLE: Natural Light Blonde/Long Straight


SPOTLIGHT VIEW PIN: 4412-4530-4488


CURRENTLY IN GOBSMACKED! THE WORLD’S BEST A CAPPELLA SHOW. After their North American Tour, Monica is now joining the Asia Tour. 

Monica Sik Holm is originally from Norway, but she has been based in The UK since 2009. She is a versatile professional, working as a musical theatre performer, singer, actress, voice over artist, pianist/MD, composer, writer and producer. She is often referred to as the little girl with the big voice.

 From an early age, Monica gained places to prestigious youth talent programmes; including The Talent Development Programme at The Norwegian Academy of Music as a singer and The Talent School in her county as a pianist, being the only pianist occupying one of only 10 places.

As a singer, she was taught classically for 3 years before she went on to do a diploma in Musical Theatre in Norway and thereafter moving to The UK in 2009, graduating from The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts with a First Class Degree in Music Performing Arts. After studying she went straight on to perform and create the role of “Kvekk” and be the lead singer in the musical “The Rock Frogs” – a role she is repeating for the 6th time this summer.

Since then, Monica has headlined all over the world on some of the worlds most luxurious cruise liners including Royal Carribbean, Princess, Celebrity and Holland America, performed in 5-star hotels and theatres in many different countries, as well as acted in films and voiced toys for the world famous brands Fisher Price and Mattel. She recently joined Voice Archive London’s dubbing team and is currently dubbing various TV-series and theme tunes.

As a solo singer she has performed for companies such as Rotary International, Lions International, Brittany Ferries, The Dorchester Hotel, Capital Radio FM, Seabourn Yachts and many others.

She represented Norway as a singer and pianist in the World Championship for Performing Arts in Los Angeles in 2011, and took home both gold and silver medals in her cateogories.

She has a great ear for harmonies, good sight reading skills and experience from harmony groups, choirs, big bands and theatre ensembles.

 She is also successful as a composer and wrote, composed and produced her first large scale stage musical at the age of 18 and has composed, written and produced Bucuresti The Musical (Norwegian Tour/Paul McCartney Auditorium/Trikkehallen, Oslo), Piken med Fyrstikkene (Fengselet, Norway), Angel Dust (Contemporary Urban Centre, Liverpool), written/composed the short musical Circus Caosano (Kortspillfestivalen, Norway) and composed music for Clegg The Musical (LIPA) and Moments. She is now working on the musical “Jog On” with book/lyrics by Stephanie Smith, a show planned to be going on National Tour in the near future, opening at Greenwich Theatre, after successful workshops at Tristan Bates Theatre, The Winter Gardens Blackpool and Soho Theatre.

Monica was also one of the finalists in Craig Barbour Awards for composition at Soho Theatre in 2012.

 Monica is the winner of The Talent Award from Norwegian Bank East Country (2016), The Development Award for Culture from Buskerud County (2014), Rotary’s Young Leadership Awards (2009), The National Youth Award from Lions Norway (2008), The Charity Award from Lions 104G (2008), The Dream Scholarship from Norwegian Lotteries (2007) and The Talent Award from The Culture Board/Ringerike Bank (2007).

In addition, she is the proud co-owner and musical supervisor of the musical theatre academy “MusikalKollektivet” in Norway, as well as her own production company M Crown Entertainment.