Tickets for “The Rock Frogs” now on sale!

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The tickets for this year’s show “The Rock Frogs and the magical guitar” are now on sale! 

Don’t miss out – get yours here:

From page to stage: 1st Impressions

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On saturday afternoon I was happy to be a part of a wonderful showcase of New Musical Theatre Writing at The Landor Theatre.

“1st Impressions” was a showcase in the on-going series “From page to stage” presenting new writing at The Landor, produced by Aria Entertainment. This saturday I was lucky to be presenting a brand new song (in fact, only five days old) from our musical-in-writing “Jog on”, with brilliant lyrics by Stephanie Smith. The song “Head over Heels”, is a comedy power-duet between April and Kate, and how Kate is head over heels in love with her new man. April, on the other hand, is arse over tits, as she has just been dumped by the same guy. At The Landor, “Head over heels” was sung by myself as Kate and the wonderful Emma McGuire as April. Such a fun experience!

I also had the pleasure of premiering Dike Strength’s song “Take me home” from his work-in-progress show “Scandinavian Heart”.

The other talented composers of the day were Jennifer Lucy Cook, Finn Anderson, Michael Lovelock and Jacob William. Check them out!

This particular concert was hosted by the utterly amazing Nick Morrison, and together with him we are planning a new showcase very soon, so stay tuned!

From Kinky Cabaret this monday!

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I managed to film a little bit of my performance at Kinky Cabaret this monday. (Thanks Emma!) Unfortunately, my phone didn’t have more storage space just before the chorus of Bill and me, but that’s life! It has been a while since I’ve been playing the piano for myself for gigs, but it feels great to get back into it!

Hope you enjoy it!

New head shots!

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I just had some new head shots done by the amazing John Clarke! I hope you like them!

Taster from Archer Street!

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I am currently enjoying working as a singing waitress in Archer Street Cocktail Bar in Soho, London.

Here are some photos from previous saturdays to give you an idea! If you are in London, come along for a guaranteed great evening with lots of singing and dancing, amazing cocktails and a great atmosphere!

I hope to see you around! 

A few clips from New Years Eve

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One of the audience members recorded our gig on New Years Eve on her phone, and she was kind enough to forward it to me!

Here follows a couple of christmas tunes, and one of my absolute favourite tunes; “Gabriella’s Sång” from Henry Burnett and myself’s gig in Hole Church on New Years Eve! In case you want to have a listen!

Det hev ei rose sprunge

Nordnorsk Julesalme

Gabriella’s Sång



Showreel from Rockefroskene

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For those of you who didn’t get the chance to see “Rockefroskene” (The Rock Frogs) this summer, here is my showreel from the show!

Please be reminded that this is for demo and showreel purposes only, and it is not a professional video or audio production of the show.



The 48 hour musical 2012 * Part I

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My sense of time has vanished for the weekend, and I don’t really know if it’s day or night, but does it really matter?

This weekend I am thrilled to be taking part in a brilliant concept called The 48 Hour Musical, an idea by composer Tom White; A brand new original musical, from concept to performance in 48 hours! It is just as amazing and challenging as it seems!

Friday – which I still believe was yesterday – I met up with a bunch of lovely people, most of them studying composition at Birmingham Conservatoire, to make a musical! It was a daunting thought to be placed in a room with complete strangers, expected to dash out some great tunes in a very limited amount of time, but the 48 hour Musical crew are all brilliant and very talented, and it proofed to be easier than I thought!

The timer started at 7PM, and all the writers and composers plus some of the orchestrators, sat down to discuss a concept and a plot for the show. We went through reality programmes and politics, game shows and the latest news, but ended up on a story with feet in the performing arts industry. (I don’t dare to say too much about the plot just yet!)

Building the plot!

Characters finalised!

We spent time working our way through the characters, their objectives and relations to each other,  and made a red thread for the story with an idea of the songs we wanted. At 11.30PM – just before midnight – it was time to compose!

The composers went into a room by themselves, and we had fun making a 20′s ragtime’ish opening. Really great composers, and the idea process and collaboration went very smoothly.

The rest of the night passed by extremely quickly, and an appropriate description would be something like this;

Coffee – Composing – Composing – Lucorade – Notating – Getting lyrics – New song – listen to orchestrations – Composing – Frustration- Composing – Notating etc…

At 6AM in the morning I just managed to get my songs notated  (though with a very simplified piano accompaniment I must say…)
and handed over to the orchestrators, before rushing to the station to get my train back to London to teach at Pauline Quirke! That meant a total of at least 30 hours awake and working, and I was only a tiny bit tired when I dived into bed around 4PM today!

I can’t wait to get back to Birmingham tomorrow afternoon to hear how the orchestrators, the band, the cast and everybody else involved have developed what we started yesterday (today?).

For live updates of what’s going on RIGHT NOW follow @48hourmusical on Twitter!

If you want to catch the actual show, come along to Birmingham Mac tomorrow at 7PM! I am really excited!

Photos from shoot in Hyde Park

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A couple of weeks ago I did a shoot in Hyde Park with the photographer Sandeep Patel. Here follows a taster from the shoot!



Vik Primary School 50 years!

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I had the pleasure of performing  a couple of songs at my old primary school’s 50th years anniversary this weekend!

It was lovely being back for a bit, meeting old teachers, colleagues and pupils – yes, I had the pleasure of working there for a bit, too!

A couple of pictures from yesterday: