Monica is an excellent all-round performer whose commitment and focus in developing her skills is always impressive. She applies her training in a way that yields great results, and she engages well with the audience.” Graham Whitlock, Artistic Director, DreamArts 

“A firework of an artist!” (Ayna Lile, Ringerikes Blad, 2011)

“Monica Sik Holm is outstanding and, amongst so many who are here, that’s saying something. I became aware of her during the production process that resulted in the staging of her musical ‘Bucuresti’. I can’t recall a student here who has created a full-blown musical and one that was completely formed. Aside from the merits of the piece (and there were many), I was startled by her grasp of all the elements needed for a big cast show.” Mark Featherstone-Witty, Founding Principal/CEO, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

“What a voice! This singer has such drive and energy in her performance that you will get blown away to the feeling of this bombshell ” Daniel Wennermark Rosell, World Championships of Performing Arts

“Her music is interesting, demanding, innovative and beautiful”. (Anne Gro Christensen, Ringerikes Blad, 2007)

“The message is strong. It is brutal and captivating. Told in a way that hits you right in the heart. A grey, painful and brutal history has become a fantastic musical.” (Ringerikes Blad, 2007. About Bucuresti The Musical)

“There is no point in trying to stop Monica. She can do exactly what she wants. To write and perform beautiful and personal music.” (Ringerikes blad, 2007)

“Monica deserves all the support she can get! She is a fantastic girl – always positive and kind, full of sympathy and with an enormous determination and an unstoppable will.Lions Club 104G

“I can confirm that Monica Sik Holm has a special talent that she uses and develops fully. On piano she had an extremely quick development, and her singing talent is also very special. Monica has a good way of learning new and challenging material, has excellent aural skills, a fantastic singing voice, plays the piano very well and has an employability you rarely find. This talents together makes her a skilled musician in many areas. She is easy to work with and contributes in all areas with her good resources and happy presence. I give Monica my warmest recommendations.” Camilla Ossum, Monica’s previous conductor and teacher in piano, aural skills, harmony and musical direction. (Translated from Norwegian)

“To get to work with you have been fantastic. From the very first singing lesson I had, I feel that I have developed, and I believe that is because of a very good teacher. On top of being a good teacher, you have a been a huge inspiration for me. You are the one I look up to.” Ingrid Helene Berg, One of Monica’s previous singing students.